A Visit by Blue Sky Caribbean

Carbon Trading

On March 8, 2022, the TRWRP was visited by a small team of Blue Sky Caribbean – Mr Sandiford Ruel Edwards and Mr Hagen Kahmann. They visited with us to commence discussions on the possibilities of carbon trading in Tobago. This concept involves the use of environmental capital (mangroves, forests etc. to mobilize financial and technical resources to implement additional conservation methods and to support and improve livelihoods.

Division Meeting

The contingent met firstly, with the Secretary for Food Security, Natural Resources, the Environment and Sustainable Development, and other personnel within the Division.

Island Tour

Following this meeting the team, led by Mr William Trim- top local tour guide and sitting board member of the TRWRP- embarked upon an island-wide tour with a focus on areas affected by climate change and deforestation activities. This tour allowed the Blue Sky Caribbean to view first-hand the areas that may require conservation intervention and to inquire whether Tobago may be determined as a suitable candidate for innovative nature-based emission reduction projects. Some of the sites of interest pointed out during the tour included the Turtle Beach to Plymouth mangrove & coastal area, Courland Watershed and Charlotteville.

Wrap Up

The day concluded at approximately 6:00p.m, with an undertaking on the part of Blue Sky Caribbean to keep dialogue channels open, and a willingness to engage with the TRWRP on reforestation and conservation efforts in Tobago.